goods for good


After becoming involved with goods for good, a NYC and Malawi-based charity that works to empower communities and transform orphan care in Malawi, Africa,  BB|AM founder, Bethanie Brady invited contemporary artist Zoë Buckman on a service trip to Malawi in January 2016. Brady's goal was to create an art initiative for the organization to raise funds and awareness for its cause, a project which entailed Buckman creating a special commission artwork to benefit the organization at their Spring 2016 Gala for Good. Using traded local fabrics, Buckman created a quilted canvas with the bold statement, “Alone I cannot do better” emerging on the surface in neon. As a continuation of the project, BB|AM and Buckman collaborated with fashion designer Mara Hoffman to create an embroidered tote bag echoing the same phrase in vibrant hues. 100% of sales benefit goods for good. Read Buckman's statement on the work here

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