ROW DTLA - Patrick Vale

From London to LA

Hailing from the UK, Vale is known for his life-like sketch drawings of urban cityscapes. He spends most of his days traveling between London, New York, and now Los Angeles in aims of discovering each city’s distinctive features and gaining inspiration for his next creation. Read up on Vale’s journey as an artist, his love for the city life, and a UK take on Los Angeles.

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The Artist Is 3D: An Immersive Portrait of Marina Abramovic

In 130919, Abramovic surrenders herself to Placek's direction. In a single composition, he attempts to immortalize the past, present, and future, and does so with profound intentionality. 

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THE NEW YORKER - Damion Berger

Soaking Up New York City’s Pools and Beaches

In the work by Damion Berger and Michael Kirby Smith, our perspective is reversed – we’re in the deep end, looking up through the water as swimmers mix through the pool like watercolor paints.

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THE HUFFINGTON POST - Branislav Jankic

Black-And-White Photos Depict The Wide Range Of Mothers  Battling Addiction Around The Country

"My mother, all of these women, all of their children — they are beautiful,” Jankic said in a statement accompanying the exhibit. “There is not one face of addiction. The women I chose are not defined by their disease, but by their motherhood..."

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VISIONAIRE - Matthew Placek

Placek and Abramovic Go Home

The film returns to Hudson, its original place of production, being the first of the ongoing body of 3D moving portraits by Placek. 

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ARTNET NEWS - Matthew Placek

Matthew Placek’s 3-D Video Portrait of Marina Abramovic Comes to New York

Placek's short films create an intimate encounter with artists in surroundings that carry a deep significance to each of them.

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NEW YORK TIMES - Sandro Kopp

An Art Show Inspired by Skype

This week, Kopp presents “FeedbackLoop,” a show at Five Eleven in New York, consisting of dozens of paintings he’s made over video chat — including portraits of his partner, Tilda Swinton, and the artists Chuck Close, Michael Stipe and Rashid Johnson.

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ARTNET NEWS - Brendan Smith

artnet Asks: Painter Brendan Smith, Creator of Nike-Inspired Custom Artworks

Thanks to modern technology, you can customize your sneakers, your car, and just about anything else imaginable. But what about designing a customized piece of fine art? Brendan Smith's current show at FIVE ELEVEN gallery in Chelsea allows you to do just that. 

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NEW YORK TIMES - Damion Berger

In Huntington, an Exhibition of Pioneering Photography Through the Ages

Damion Berger, a contemporary British photographer, creates a different kind of magic, shooting pyrotechnic celebrations around the world for his “Black Powder” series.

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LIFE & TIMES - Joseph La Piana

The Artist Speaks: Mr. Joseph La Piana

The celebrated New York City talent, wasn’t always comfortable with the term “artist.” In fact, it took him many years to embrace the label – gaining content as he honed his skills and developed a global reputation for his abstract pieces. 

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UK Artist Patrick Vale Draws Astounding New York Skyline In ‘Empire State Of Pen’ Timelapse Video

The London based artist draws an incredibly detailed account of the city that never sleeps as seen from the top of the Empire State Building. 

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